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Digital maps
By this area you can consult database maps collecting basic cartography in various sequences, digital photos in color, informative levels concerning regional protected areas, managed natural reserves, specifically belonging to Forest State Property.
The increasing of demanio forestale through the years
the enlargement of demanio forestale, together with the management and the improvement of the same itself, rises to one of the many institutional tasks of the Dipartimento Regionale Azienda Foreste Demaniali.

The regional surface of demanio forestale, currently estimated in 155,000 , has grown up in every province in the years1954-2003, and today is still increasing as you can see by the following list:

PROVINCIA ANNO 1954 (Ha) ANNO 1976 (Ha) ANNO 1985 (Ha) ANNO 2003 (Ha)
Agrigento 836 4.918 13.915 16.783
Caltanissetta 14 6.811 11.695 14.507
Catania 14.446 17.571 23.825 26.920
Enna 210 8.786 11.120 17.057
Messina 4.158 7.264 10.980 18.056
Palermo 7.231 14.085 24.053 34.564
Ragusa 30 737 5.422 8.083
Siracusa 3.867 9.889
Trapani 255 4.290 6.273 9.215
Totale 27.180 64.462 111.150 155.074
The particular increasing of demanio forestale regionale’s surface after 1985 is due to acquisitions taken from the ll.rr. n°2/86's and n°11/89's applications.

On the contrary, the Territorial Informative System of Company Department has carefully prepared a telematic map showing a surface over 174.000 where both demanio forestale and forest surface, always managed from the Dipartimento Regionale Azienda Foreste Demaniali, are included.

Regional law of acquisition
The Administration of the Regional Forest, with the two legislative instruments mentioned before, defining priority standards to follow for the drawing up of Annual Acquisition Plans, has provided not only the holding of woods with an high preserving function but also surfaces who were bound to be grazing, pieces of green land fit to be sown, as long as the sizes are suitable for rational managements and /or flowing into hydrographic basins, in some way connected with the pre-existent demanio.

Regional law n.14/06 art. 31, reminding the foreseen targets from Kyoto protocol concerning the reduction of carbon dioxide’s emission in the atmosphere, indicates a new order in the sequence of priority criteria to be taken into account for the drawing up of Land Acquisition Plan.

Acquisition criteria with rights of priority
The priority Criteriaexplained on art.31 of r.l. n.14/06, on paragraph 1, according to the drawing up of the Annual Plan for the Acquisition of the lands are reported below:
  1. bare lands to reforest, also reduced sizes as long as they can be connectable with the pre-existing demanio, or under guardianship of special interest, or relapsing on parks, natural preserves, important sites for the community, SIC, special protecting zones, ZPS, or special preserving zones, ZCS;
  2. Bare lands to reaforest, suitable sizes for a rational management;
  3. Land for pasture, also reduced sizes, relapsing into hydrographic basins of particular systematic interest;
  4. Land for pasture, also reduced sizes, as long as they can be connected with the pre-existing demanio;
  5. Arable lands and specialized agrarian shrubbery of suitable size, relapsing in hydrographic basins of particular systematic interest or connectable with the pre-existing demanio;
  6. Woods with a high protective function, also reduced sizes, as long as they can be connectable with the pre-existing demanio or under guardianship of special interest;
  7. Woods with high protective function, of suitable sizes for a rational management;
  8. Other lands not concerning the precedent cases.
those priority criteria confirming the value of the wood as an instrument of soil defense, and the importance of all natural heritage (natural habitats, biotypes, flora and fauna, biological balances), recognize in the acquisition of "bare lands to reaforest" (Points A and B on paragraph 1) a significant priority towards the will of realizing a regional increase of woodland’s surface.

The awarding demand
Conferring voluntary offers must be forwarded to Local Company Offices before March 31st of each year. The attained offers are learned and passed on Company Department, where the Regional Annual Acquisition Plan is finally prepared.