domenica 18 aprile 2021
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the management of natural reserves in Sicily may be entrusted to the Regional provinces, the National company forests of Sicilian Region, the environmental associations and universities (art 20 regional law 14 of 1988). The expectation is the case with decree of Councillor for the land and the environment. The managing body has, among its tasks, the one to enforce the regulation of the reserve that in addition to contain the prohibitions and the methods of use, indicates the activities allowed within protected area.

The permitted activities can be divided into three categories:
  • Those permitted without authorization;
  • Those permitted after authorization by Manager institution;
  • Those permitted after authorization by the Department of territory and environment.
Each reserve has its environmental characteristics and landscaping and a specific regulation. In this brief guide the most common types are set , belonging to category 2, for which the precluding permission must be released by Park Authority. For each type are also listed the documents that the applicant must attach (in four copies) to the question.
Instead, the ACTIVITIES providing DEPARTMENT of territory and environment’s authorization have not been inserted, having heard the opinion of the Regional Council for the protection of the natural heritage-C. R. P. P. N.-( Category 3).

If the intervention fall in a site of Community importance (SCI-SPAS) which includes in the whole or in part the reserve, the documentation must be integrated with Nº 2 processing for the Evaluation of impact in order to allow the management body of opinion within the meaning of Article. 5, paragraph 7 of DPR. 357, 11-8-1997.
For a clearer view of all the activities allowed within each protected area, for the prohibitions and modality of use we refer to the reading of the single regulations and to the decree of Department general-director- territory and environment N° 638 of 7.9.2001.

We also remember that in all cases, the start of the work is subject to possession of any other released authorisation by other responsible bodies for the protection of specific territory bonds.

Dipartimento Azienda Foreste Demaniali
is the managing body of the reserves and releases the precluding permission after the examination of documents and the opinion provided by the National provincial company Office, which is the responsible for the area.

Ufficio Provinciale Azienda Foreste Demaniali (UPA)
is the Provincial Office of the management body. This body receives the application for clearance, it examines the attached documents, tells the practice and send copies to the management body opinion accompanied by the Inspectorate of departmental forests.

L'Ispettorato Ripartimentale delle Foreste (IRF)
is the competent Provincial body for the check and protection of the territory.

Il Distaccamento Forestale (DF)
is the peripheral competent for the check and supervision of the territory. The management body receives the documentation and shall ensure the application of the provisions contained in there. It also checks that the company is in possession of all other necessary permissions.