martedì 2 marzo 2021
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Among popular publications there is the realization of guides, which is a production aiming at meeting expectations of the public towards a responsible administration devoted first of all, to protection, management and natural heritage of Sicily; the editorial line dedicated to those who want to listen to the sounds and feel the smells of nature, to those who also want to savour the most hidden corners, and know the landscape more closely. Those are precious vade-mecum joining the curiousest visitor and contributing to meet his desire of "Learning more".
The editorial line includes the production of monographic volumes and Editions dedicated to the use of protected areas. Those are necessary instruments for the development of a naturalistic Tourism for all ages. Editorial productions for schoolchildren generally includes reviews full of indications for a better environment’s education. Relations between school institutions and DRAFD became complementary during the last years. Schools are involved in all the initiatives by participating with great enthusiasm. Scholarship’s involvement has been extended even to the achievement stage of the volumes. This is what happened, for example, in Pantelleria where kids from high school and Middle School were involved in drawing the illustrations of a text dedicated to the recovery and reintroduction of the donkey.
The editorial initiatives of arfd are always in a ferment, and the "yard publishing" continues to produce with the firm that, even if communication’s instruments are becoming more sophisticated, the book remains and will always be the most expressive and lasting form of human will , a reference point for what was done, and a starting point for the leading of following stages.