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Le Aree Attrezzate Siciliane
Digital maps
By this area you can consult database maps collecting basic cartography in various sequences, digital photos in color, informative levels concerning regional protected areas, managed natural reserves, specifically belonging to Forest State Property.
Storia del Dipartimento Regionale Azienda Foreste DemanialiThe "Azienda Foreste Demaniali" of Sicilian Region has been established by regional law n.10 on April 16th 1949. By regional law n.18 on March 11th 1950 a new organization was defined for the Company, who, by legal status, having his seat in Palermo, has got, in every respect, a self-governing body, except for different provisions of the same law.
Since his constitution and his organization, the Company, depending on the councillorship of agriculture and forests, with the supervision of Financial Department coming to a standstill, has been endowed by his own budget.
Indeed, the above-said L.r. 18/50 fixed his tasks (art 3):
  • Managing the forest heritage of the region, improving it, enlarging it;
  • Making a special favorite of useful activities for the increase and the improvement of woodlands;
and also pointed out (art 4) the Company heritage, made of woods, lands, buildings and installations already belonging to the assets of the "Azienda di Stato delle foreste demaniali" (and passed through the Region together with the functions and competences on the subjects of agriculture and forests, in realization by Regional Statue), the respective credits, income and interest came to a head on application date September 21st 1949, when the legislative decree was applied, and existing personal property in single woods belonging to the property of the State (foreste demaniali).
Regional legislator, by his incredible and innovatory intuition, anticipating national legislator, has introduced meaningful rules on the subject of protected lands thanks to regional laws 9 August 1981, n.98 and 14 August 1988, n.14. In this context, the Azienda foreste demaniali has got a significant role as natural reserves manager.

Therefore, regional legislator has intervened more times on the subject of forest, giving different institutional duties in addition to those originating in the company, especially on the subject of motor- vehicle and facilities for the allocation of Regional Forest Body and for the infrastructure of forest land, even for fire-fighting purposes. We remember in particular: the law 2-22-1986, n.2 which provided the enlargement of demanio forestale, the drawing up of Acquisition plans, bestowing a privilege to the voluntary conferring gear, with predetermined prices, on the basis of specific priorities; the n.11 law 5/6/1989, who established a forestry district for each province and the respective workers contingent district.

In this way, we come to 1996, the year of the 6 April law, n.16 , where legislator operated on the organic reform on the subject of forest, introducing significant changes even to institutional tasks of Dipartimento Regionale Azienda Foreste Demaniali, here pointed out with the trade-mark name AFDRS. In particular, art 13 provides that "for the management of wooded lands heritage, IAFDRS, normally operates on the basis of forestry settlement plans" containing:
  • a) A technical-economic report about wood’s condition;
  • b) Quantitative and temporal directions, with regard to cuts and other uses;
  • c) Management rules and cultivation care of the wood;
  • d) A program of assistance cultivation and infrastructural interventions having as purpose the improvement of the wood under a productive sketch;
  • e) An intervention program having as purpose the improvement of the quality and restoration environment, even through manufactured demolition and unfit tracks for use.
The following art.14 provides “Complementary activities of forest administration”, most of them referable to the Company activities, in addition to his main tasks:
  • Natural reserves management;
  • Wooded lands management, or whatever naturalistic interest, belonging to any public corporation;
  • Arboreal essence systems on public corporations land’s property, assigned to public users;
  • Improvement and restoration of municipal public gardens or private gardens open to public, having a great importance under naturalistic and landscape sketch;
  • Interventions of preserving, of improvement and exploitation on lands, even privates, including in natural parks territory;
  • Forestry interventions for the lumbering, assigned to the conversion and the working in general;
  • The realization and management of working systems or wooden product’s conversion;
  • The forming of arboretums and botanic gardens, for scientific and popular purposes;
  • The cultivation and marketing of mushrooms and officinal herbs;
  • The cultivation of fruit-bearing plants belonging to typical variety, traditionally cultivated in Sicilian territory;
  • Improvement and management of pasture, even for experimental purposes;
  • The organization of vocational training schools and working field assigned to young graduates, holders of a diploma, or simply students;
  • The organization of meetings and public events, and participations in similar demonstrations promoted by other institutions;
  • The publication of books and magazines aiming at scientific researches , divulgation, education and information;
  • Technical assistance to social institutions or private corporations in forest policy.
Moreover, "for natural reserves entrusted to AFDRS, the same Company shall provide to cover management expenses, preservations, improvement and exploitation with the financial resources available from special expenses item of his own budget".
Besides formality for the drawing up of "Lands acquisition Plan" and the realization of interventions provided by the pluriannual program concerning hydraulic-forest operations (in the delays of the basins plans drawing-up), and moreover an improvement, a higher realization of forest and State owned pastoral lands, (pastoral demanio) the following art 31, also provided "the acquisition of lands with a particular naturalistic interest and landscape, including stretch of water, quagmires, bare lands, rocks and gorges, even relapsing into parks and natural reserves" and that, woods management, including the respective systems who belong to the economic bodies under the guardianship of the Region, which also includes the ESA, except for parks and natural reserves for whom we apply some rules from August 9 in 1988's law, n.14, is entrusted to the AFDRS and that "the management of wooded territories concerning regional museums whose subject is expressed on paragraph 3 in the 2nd art. Of May 15 law n.17, on 1991"