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Digital maps
By this area you can consult database maps collecting basic cartography in various sequences, digital photos in color, informative levels concerning regional protected areas, managed natural reserves, specifically belonging to Forest State Property.
Structure of Dipartimento Regionale Azienda Foreste DemanialiAs to the structures, since 1975, ARFD, beyond his own centre in Palermo, availed itself, thanks to his activities, of special working groups within Forest’s departmental inspectors, until 2001, when in realization of regional law on May 15–05-2000 n.10, and of the following one 6/2001, DRAFD has been divided into 6 intermediate structures (lands and services) and 10 special sessions (9 provincial offices and management of "Zingaro’s directed natural reserve").

By DPRS n. 227/SC on date 13.08.2004, in application of regional law of 3 – 12- 2003 n.20, the current organization of ARFD’s middle structures has been arranged, and it is here mentioned, together with the nominal competences of each structure:

General business Zone
Instrumental activities for the Department-Personal Property- General Inspector’s Service, Relationships with the OO.SS, who represent Regional Staff – Management of the staff in service at the Department – Departmental relationship.

Legal Affairs Zone
Handling and coordination of Department‘s legal affairs in his intermediate and special session structures. Coordination of representation and legal defenses in various legal - courts centres - Legal opinions - Legal technical Support and advices to General Inspector.

General Coordination and Planning Zone
General Inspector supports the planning of activities in realization of operative and strategic purposes. Relationships with valuation service and strategic control – Management’s Valuation, together with AA.GG zone – Relationships with internal control service and management’s. Coordination of training activities.

  • Service n.1: Budget and Administration’s management
    Financial planning, monitoring and verification of Fund’s Regional budget – heading Company and extra-regional Community Funds.
  • Service n.2: Contracts.
    Deeds of contracts - Concessions – Servants. Stock-taking and personal property’s management, including alienations and retrocession – patrimonial register.
  • Service n.3: technical forestry services and interventions.
    Planning and technical coordination of forest activities concerning forest demanio and of the areas managed by ARFD, except for those relapsing to protected areas directly managed – Forestry management plans. Services and technical- forest advices. Technical-administrative and contractual management of forest workers.
  • Service n.4: Management and Interventions on protected areas.
    Planning and technical Coordination of activities concerning forest demanio and surfaces, always managed by ARFD, relapsing to protected lands strictly managed – Interventions and management’s plans of natural reserves assigned to the management and technical legal advice’s Company Service on the subject of environment – Preservation of nature and regeneration of savage fauna – Promotional Activities and searches of protected areas.
  • Service n.5: Info Systems and enlargement of Regional Forest Demanio
    Management of Info System Department, including info territorial systems and connections with other sites – Management of Department’s web site and his updates – Acquisitions, dispossession, conferring and agreements.
  • Service n.6: planning, interventions, OO.PP and works in contract.
    Supporting General Inspector for the drawing up of the OO.PR three year planning, of the OO.PR annual list, and interventions – Technical Coordination Activities for works on contract. Planning Activities and realization of particular interventions.

"Zingaro" Natural Reserve
Activities concerning management, conversation, guardianship and exploitation.

ARFD‘s provincial offices
Planning and enforcement of forest interventions or whatever afferent ARFD’s institutional tasks on forest demanio’s territories, on managed areas and in those protected ones assigned to the management itself; Exploitation of technical and administrative activities concerning the management of forest demanio and other managed sections. Proposals formulation for the drawing up of planning activities, interventions and OO.PP’s. Representation of DRAFD in a special session, with delegation of General Inspector.