domenica 18 aprile 2021
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Digital maps
By this area you can consult database maps collecting basic cartography in various sequences, digital photos in color, informative levels concerning regional protected areas, managed natural reserves, specifically belonging to Forest State Property.
Intermediate structures
For a complete search of information we quote even the further under construction intermediate structures, according to art16 of regional law 14 – 04- 2006n.14 who, by replacing the 15th article of regional law 6 -04- 1996 n.16 with consecutive modifications and additions, has strictly put the Regional garden centre, founded according to the 25th article of regional law 5 – 06-1989, n.11, under the head of Azienda regionale delle foreste demaniali, also to meet the increasingly important management activities of community funds.

Regional Garden Centre
Programming, planning, and coordination of management of the Garden Centre activities , firstly directing to meet ARFD’s institutional requirements, in compliance of the laws in force concerning the line of a garden centre. Preservation, reproduction and genetic improvement of native vegetable species and vegetable germplasm. Relations with bodies and research institutions in the specific line.

Community funds
Coordination of monitoring activities and community funds control in Department, both head offices and peripheral structures, for all actions in any title made by Department – Monitoring, for the whole Department, according to paragraph number 6 of the 4th article’s regional law of 23-12-2000 n.32, here including the transmission of dates to informative system, for the monitoring set up at the regional department of programming, and of any other act to competent departments (programming and responsibilities) and payment or management’s authorities – track control’s formulation for each measure or sub-measure – predisposition, programming and exploitation of first level checks – Accomplishments concerning verifications (article 32.1 of regulation 1260/99 and all other provisions on the subject of checks and control). Coordination of all enterprises and activities concerning use of community funds, where Department is beneficiary or unofficial measure actuary - General Inspector’s Support in proposals predispositions for the making out of the future Rural improvement Plan 2007-2013.

The above-said intermediate structures are also divided into further directing structures (operational units of base).

Also the following n.5 Staff Offices has been established:
  • Management Checks bureau
  • Institutional communication bureau and official magazine
  • Technical checks bureau
  • Census and fixed-heritage-exploitation bureau
  • Community Funds Bureau
And the following basic operational units of Staff:
  • Community Funds department (who will be deleted following the forthcoming ESTABLISHMENT OF THE SERVICE n.7)
  • Promotional and popular activities
  • Wooden phytosanitary Defense
Today, besides General Inspector, the following Staff gives his service at the Community Staff of the regional roles:
  • 57 directors
  • 168 civil servants and equalized
  • 375 instructors and equalized
The following no regular Staff, engaged by fixed contracts, in realization of special laws for the Staff, already dealing with socially useful works:
  • n. 34 cat. C
  • n. 23 cat. B
And finaly, for intervention executions:
  • 803 workers engaged by indefinite period-contract
  • 2.645 workers with employment guarantee of 151 gg.ll. per year
  • 6.206 workers with employment guarantee of 101 gg.ll per year
  • 13.798 workers with employment guarantee of 78 gg.ll. per year