venerdì 10 luglio 2020
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Digital maps
By this area you can consult database maps collecting basic cartography in various sequences, digital photos in color, informative levels concerning regional protected areas, managed natural reserves, specifically belonging to Forest State Property.
Future developments of the system
Digital MapsTo maintain the functionality of a territorial information system the stage of the establishment and starting, should follow not only the application function but also the updating one, which constantly enriches the database.
The basic sit of forest land lacks today for a certain age of the data, in part with reference to the quantities factors (areas), and in a special way with reference to the factors linked to dynamics (increase in the cover level, natural broadleafing phenomena) or degradation (fire, damage by grazing) of forest formations.
The updating and the increase of the data represent an action of not easy realization, in relation to the wideness of managed areas, to the different forest degree of the same and the many institutional activities already supported by arfd’s technical staff. Finally the sharing of data forestry at regional level is essential both with the direct exchange (already done with the Regional Council Territory and environment and with other territorial authorities in region), and through publication on the web, so that both users, the internal one and external one to the public administration, can access the site, in the spirit of the shared territorial information, that is the GIS.