martedì 11 maggio 2021
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Dipartimento Regionale Azienda Foreste DemanialiToday, the Dipartimento Regionale Azienda Foreste Demaniali of Sicily (DRAFD), which is already Azienda Regionale Foreste Demaniali (ARFD), which is already the Azienda Regionale Foreste Demaniali of Sicilian Region (AFFDDRS) since 1949, when a Regional Law was established, on the model of the old-preceding one who has been abolished, after the introduction of the Regional Administration Reform by the 2000 regional law n.10, together with Dipartimento Foreste, represents one of the Regional Forest Department Administration. This means it is a high level structure of organization with an excellent function in all over the Region Area, performing through provincial offices and depending organization structure.

Both ordinary and special management of the company, which is under control and guardianship of the Regional Borough Council for Agriculture and Forest are insured by General Inspector. His competences, all deriving from the preceding structure, are made of useful activities insuring both technical-administrative management of Forest State Property Area, and the ones entrusted to his management, whatever bond. Those can be summarized as follows:
  • Enlargement and Improvement of Demanio Forestale Regionale;
  • Actions and Initiatives supporting useful activities for economy improvement and increasing in mountainous places;
  • Reconstitution and Improvement of vegetable covering on marginal territories;
  • Social enjoyment of Demanio woods for pleasant purposes;
  • The practice of mountainous pasture and underbrush’s fruit harvesting;
  • The development of promotional activities even through scientific, educative and informative peculiarity;
  • The management of natural protected area, natural preserves in a special way, entrusted by law and Regional Administration;
  • The development of seedling nursery activities and the renewal of public green parks;
  • The planning of suitable technical activities to fight and prevent wooded fire on management areas.
Nowadays, those tasks are similar to the ones concerning guardianship of biodiversity and germplasm, mostly vegetable, that the Company has always followed in his 55 years history, once, by old instruments (for examples acquisitions, reconstitutions, etc.) and now, by new technology (for example natural preserved area). Besides them, today we add as well as in the past, those competences concerning improvement of life’s condition of mountain communities and the guardianship of their productive ground, that is the mountain territory for whom we are looking forward to create suitable strategy for a strong environment support. With 32 managed natural preserves, at the moment, the Company also represents the greatest Management Corporation of Natural Preserved Areas in the Sicilian Region. In other words, a modernity coming from the past.