sabato 24 ottobre 2020
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Regional system of ARFD‘s savage fauna recovery centre
In 1994 the Azienda Foreste Demaniali of Sicilian Region, together with L.I.PU, the Italian league for bird preservation, decided to undertake an ambitious project: which is the creation of the first hospital for wildlife in Sicily, in order to help and rehabilitate all the animals belonging to savage fauna, victims of poaching actions or accidental traumas. That idea, who took shape with the realization of the Savage Fauna’s Recovery Centre of Ficuzza, opened since 1996, and has developed through the years with the creation of a real Recovery Centres Systems, performed by four different structures. Thanks to the good job and because of the ever increasing number of animals coming from all parts of Sicily, sent to the Regional Centre of Ficuzza, the ARFD, as a matter of fact, has identified in some state-owned structures (strutture demaniali), relapsing on Enna, Ragusa and Messina provinces, the places for the realization of a Provincial Recovery Centre of Savage Fauna provided by regional law 33/97 and s.m.i

Una Civetta

The Net of ARFD’s Savage Fauna Recovery Centre
This is the route undertaken by the Administration that, by the net institution of ARFD’s Savage Fauna Recovery Centre, every year has assented not only to the cares and to the often recovery and release in kind of millions of animals, with a very high recovery percentage (around 35 %), superior to European standards, but also to a complementary, but not secondary action of students and teachers forming, for educational and didactic purposes, for a naturalistic divulgation and spreading, for the knowledge of naturalistic and ecological elements, who are essential activities for the new generation’s sensibility and for the growth of an environmental conscience.