domenica 25 ottobre 2020
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Attività di Educazione AmbientaleInstitutional tasks
  • una relazione tecnico-economica sullo stato del bosco;
  • indications, quantity and time, in addition to cuts and other uses;
  • the rules of management and wooden cultivation cares;
  • The program of cultivation and infrastructure aiming at the improvement of productive forest;
  • An operation programs designed to improve the quality of the environment and consecutive restoration, also through manufacture’s demolition and tracks dismission.
Additional activities
  • natural reserves management;
  • woodland management whatever naturalistic interest , local property or other public entities;
  • planting of Arboreal essence on public or moral entity’s land property, provided that it’s for the public access;
  • The program of measures cultivation and infrastructure and aimed at improving the forest in production;
  • And a program of operations designed to improve the quality of the environment and restoration environment, also through the demolition of manufactured goods and the divestiture of slopes;
  • restoration and improvement of public municipal gardens or private gardens open to public having a particular interest in landscape environment policy;
  • interventions for the preservation, for the improving and exploitation on land, including private lands and natural parks territory territory;
  • training and management of arboretums and botanical gardens, with scientific and popular purposes;
  • cultivation and marketing of medicinal plants and mushrooms;
  • cultivation of fruit plants belonging to typical variety , traditionally cultivated in Sicilian territory;
  • improvement and management of pastures, even for experimental purposes;
  • The organization of professional training courses and working areas for young graduates and students;
  • the organization of congresses and public events, and participation in similar demonstrations promoted by other entities;
  • publication of books or periodicals having as purpose scientific research, divulgation, education or information;
  • The technical assistance to private entities on the subject of forestry.