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Le Aree Attrezzate Siciliane
Digital maps
By this area you can consult database maps collecting basic cartography in various sequences, digital photos in color, informative levels concerning regional protected areas, managed natural reserves, specifically belonging to Forest State Property.
History of Dipartimento Regionale Azienda Foreste DemanialiSo, by law 15/05/2000, n. 10, regional legislator has therefore applied some principles introduced by national legislator with legislative Decree 29/93 in application of the proxy law 421/92 which separate political line from administrative management. In this context, regional legislator has singled out “Dipartimento Regionale Azienda Foreste Demaniali among very big structures of the agriculture and forest councillorship (attached A), modifying, although not substantially, the original denomination. So, a new course has just begun for Regional Forest Administration, who, since now, will appear divided into "Dipartimento Foreste", and "Dipartimento Regionale Azienda Foreste Demaniali"

With the following regulations, appreciated by the regional Junta of Government in the sitting of October the 2nd 2001, with resolution n.366 according to the art.57 of the regional law 6/2001, in an administrative way, new dispositions provide (art.11) that competences assigned in deed from the law to the forest administration, to forest and agriculture councillorship and his member in application of principles of 15/05/ 2000 n. 10 law, are awarded to the Dipartimento Regionale Azienda Foreste Demaniali if concerning consecutive modifications or integrations and institutional purposes of the Company itself, according to the regional law 11/03/1950 n.18. Moreover, by keeping one’s mind on the same article the Dipartimento Regionale Azienda Foreste Demaniali also exercises some activities provided by articles 14, 41 and by 2nd and 3rd paragraph of art.43 of 6/04/1996’s regional law n.16 and also the management of the Dipartimento Regionale Azienda Foreste Demaniali, wooden systems realized in conformity of art.26 from regional law 16/96 mentioned before, and art 50 by L.D of 30/12/ 1923 n.3267.
With the art.23 of regional law of 16/04/2003 n.4 “ by the marking-out of competent administrations, the Dipartimento Regionale Azienda Foreste Demaniali, through his own provincial information offices, insures the maintenance of gardens annexed to buildings and country-houses of regional property, or otherwise, used for offices or as Regional administration service centres”, by executing the economic works above-mentioned.
Regional law n. 16 from 1996 has been recently modified and integrated in the April 14 law n. 14, who assimilated new orientations on the subject of environment and aligned regional law to the national one.
In particular, "forest arrangement plans" become "Sustainable forest Arrangement Plans", assuming a modern terminology (and also contents). Forest Administration’s Complementary activities, already identified by article 14 on paragraphs 1, 6, 8 e 9 of April 6 regional law n.16, on 1996 and consecutive modifications and integrations becomes Azienda regionale delle foreste demaniali’s property, which can even execute intervention works of public importance concerning typologies on paragraph 1, by agreements with public and private bodies.
By the synthetic set of rules, we can deduce that the original institutional competence restricted to the management, to the improvement and enlargement of wooded heritage has spread for about fifty years, until the ARFD’s becoming a complex services structure, always more directing to the territory’s management in a context "environmental", also tending to guarantee the public enjoyment of a large forest heritage that the same Company has successfully realized in this period.

During this period, ARFD’s structure and organization have followed, in the same way, the general events of Regional Administration, in which the company has been organically included, even if maintaining a special form of autonomy for what it concerns administration and accounting. Regional law of March 11/03/1950 n. 18, provided some rules on the subject of administrative and accounting management, explicitly commanding that "the budget and final balance must be submitted, together with the prescribed relations, to the Regional Assembly approval, attached to the Sicilian Region’s budget", today, still a law in force.

In the end, the 18/50 law provides complicated procedures for the Statue’s predisposition and regulations for the functioning, "and also other eventually necessary rules for the application of the expected law", to be approved "by the Decree of the Regional President as the Forest and Agriculture Councillor suggests together with the financial one, sentiti il consiglio di amministrazione dell'Azienda regionale delle foreste demaniali della Regione siciliana, il Consiglio di giustizia amministrativa per la Regione siciliana e la Giunta regionale"

The 5 art. of regional law in 1/04/1950 n.18 individualizes the Company’s organs: the management board, chaired by Councillor for Forestry and Agriculture; "the Director of the Company itself, who, at the end of the following 8th article of the same law, was the leader of forest service concerning the Councillorship for forests and agriculture"
By art.98 from the regional law of March 26th 2002 n.2 the bureau of directors has been suspended and the consecutive competences and functions have been assigned to general inspector of the company.
Regional law in 29 -12- 1975 n. 88, of art. 12 provided that general manager of the national company forest Regional would be the general manager of forest body, while assistant manager’s duties were assigned to a technical forest manager with at least fifteen years of seniority.
Lately by Regional law 22–02-1986 n.2, this last figure took the name of "Technical inspector of regional forestry", compared to regional director, and therefore, a first level manager, according to art.7 of Regional Law in 15-05-2000 n.10.
The following art.12 of the expected regional law in 11–03-1950 n.18 provided the utilization of permanent staff and not on a service list in the administration of national forests of Sicily, until further instructions. And lately the art.7 of regional law in 29–12-1975 n.88, provided for the company the avail “of regional staff and operational structures devices of Forest Body with the constitution of specific working groups within Forest’s departmental inspectors. As time passed, The ARFD, fulfilling of his own tasks, availed itself of a regional staff, and within it, especially the Regional Forest Body’s Staff, who, according to the art 65 of regional law in 6 – 04 - 1996 n.16, also provides to the accomplishments concerning competences activities of the forest regional bureau and of the Azienda delle foreste demaniali in Sicily.