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Museo regionale interdisciplinare di Enna

Address : Piazza Mazzini 8
Province : Enna  City : Enna
Phone : 09355076304 - fax 09355076323

Opening hours : apertura 9:00, chiusura 17:00, ultimo ingresso 16:00
Ticket full fare : Gratuito
Ticket reduced fare: Gratuito
Notes: 4 e 5 novembre 2020, chiusura per sanificazione. E' obbligatorio prenotarsi accedendo a https://youline.eu/laculturariparte.html

Archaeological Museum ‘Palazzo Varisano’

Administrative structure

The museum is situated in the old city centre of Enna, at a short distance from the Dome, the Museo Alessi and the Castello di Lombardia.
The museum is housed in the Palazzo Varisano, a building made in the 18th c. above the ruins of a 16th c. structure which can still be seen in the rooms of the ground floor. The building is also mentioned by the historical chronicles for the famous speech held here by Giuseppe Garibaldi (August 13, 1863) and concluded with the sentence "... or Rome or death".
The museum illustrates the prehistoric, classical and Middle Age's phases of the archaeological sites in the province of Enna, except for the territory of Centuripe, Aidone and Piazza Armerina, whose specific museums are already existing or are in course of organization.
Prehistoric material dated to the first Bronze Age has been found in Enna, but there are not many evidences up to the arrival of the Greeks. The town, dominated by Siracusa and Gela, was famous expecially for the cult of Demeter to whom they dedicated an important sanctuary. The strategic position allowed the town itself to preserve its identity, throughout the many historic phases up to now. In Cozzo Matrice, within the territory of Enna, the ruins of a workshop for flint production dated back to the first Copper Age have been found, as well as evidences dated back to the Bronze Age and a hellenized local settlement. Also, the presence of many areas sacred to Demeter and Kore, together with a large cave similar to the one described by Diodorus, identifies these places with the rape of Proserpine. Other hellenized settlements are Capodarso and Rossomanno. The latter was still inhabited during the Roman and Byzantine periods.
To the prehistory are dated the settlements and the necropoli around Calascibetta, Pietraperzia, Assoro and Cerami. Agira, native land of the historian Diodorus Siculus (1st c. BC) was an important Siculian town, later hellenized. In the second half of the 4th c. BC, under Timoleontes, it enjoyed a great prosperity and home to important buildings, one of which being a big theatre.
The collections come from excavations made by the Superintendency, from acquisitions by private citizens and the transfers of Siracusa and Agrigento museums.
The arrangement of the museum follows topographical criteria, according to area, site and place of origin. In each room the finds are exhibited and supported by illustrative material describing the places of origin and the research proceeding.
room 1 the prehistorical necropoli of Calascibetta and the hellenized settlement of Capodarso
room 2 Enna from prehistory to modern times
room 3 Cozzo Matrice: the historical settlement and the sacred area dated back to the Greek period
room 4 Cozzo Matrice: the necropoli in the archaic Greek period
room 5 numismatic section (in course of preparation)
room 6 didactic section (in course of preparation)
room 7 Rossomanno: the settlement and the necropoli from the protohistory to the 17thc.
rooms 8, 9 and 10 the archaelogical sites of the province: Assoro; Agira; Cerami; Pietraperzia; Troina; Nicosia
Sede Enna




Typological classes

Places of origin

The museum exhibits 1.556 items

Late Neolithic - Copper Age
end 4th-3rd millennium
stone objects (hatchets), flints, obsidians

Cozzo Matrice (Enna)

1 Flint tools, Cozzo Matrice
2 Lithic hatchets


1 Strumenti in selce,Cozzo Matrice


2 Accette litiche


Late Copper Age - Late Bronze Age
fine III-II
Contrada Malpasso (Calascibetta),
Contrada Runzi (Pietraperzia)

3 One handled cup, Malpasso


3 Bicchiere monoansato, Malpasso




Early Bronze Age
metà XI-metà IX sec. a.C.
Pottery, metalwork (bronze fibulas)
Contrada Carcarella (Calascibetta)

4 Teapot, Carcarella necropolis, 11th c. BC


4 Teiera, necropoli Carcarella, XI sec. a.C.




Iron Age
half 9th-8th c. BC
Pottery, metalwork (bronze fibulas)
Contrada Realmese (Calascibetta)
5 Small jug with impressed decoration, Realmese necropolis, 8th c. BC
6 Bronze fibula with curved pin and pearl decorations, Realmese necropolis, 8th c. BC


5 Brocchetta a decorazione impressa, necropoli Realmese, VIII sec. a.C.


6 Fibula bronzea a spillone ricurvo e decorazione a perle, necropoli Realmese, VIII sec. a.C.


Archaic Greek period
sec. a.C.
Pottery, terracottas (figured terracottas, common use objects), metalwork (iron utensils, fibulas and bronze jewels), coins
Contrada Realmese,
Contrada Quattrocchi,
Valle Coniglio (Calascibetta), Capodarso, Cozzo Matrice, Rossomanno (Enna)
1 Local pyx with four legs, Quattrocchi necropolis, 6th c. BC
2 Local stamnos with painted checked decoration, Quattrocchi necropolis, 6th c. BC
3 Painted local crater, fortifications of Capodarso, end 6th c. BC
4 Three handled large bowl painted with geometrical patterns, Cozzo Matrice necropolis, half 6th c. BC


1 Pisside indigena a quattro piedi, necropoli Quattrocchi, VI sec. a.C.


2 Stamnos indigena dipinta a scacchiera, necropoli Quattrocchi, VI sec. a.C.
3 Cratere indigeno dipinto, fortificazioni di Capodarso, fine VI sec. a.C.


4 Scodellone triansato dipinto a motivi geometrici, necropoli Cozzo Matrice, met VI sec. a.C


Classic period
6th-5th c. BC
Pottery, terracottas (figured terracottas, common use objects), metalwork (tools and iron fibulas, jewels and bronze vases), coins

Capodarso, Cozzo Matrice, Rossomanno (Enna), Enna, Assoro

1 Small fictile head, votive offerings of Capodarso, 5th c. BC
2 Lekythos with red figures, Assoro necropolis, 5th c. BC
3 Ionic type cup, local production, Capodarso


1 Testina statuetta fittile, stipe votiva di Capodarso, V sec. a.C.


2 Lekythos a figure rosse, necropoli di Assoro, V sec a.C.
3 Coppa di tipo ionico, produzione locale, Capodarso




Hellenistic period
IV-II. a.C.
Pottery, figured terracottas, epigraphs on stone, coins
Capodarso, Cozzo Matrice, Rossomanno (Enna), Enna, Assoro, Agira, Cerami
1 Black painted lekythos, Capodarso, 4th c. BC
2 Lekane with cover, Gnathia style, end 4th c. BC
3 Bronze oil-lamp, Enna, 4th c. BC


1 Lekythos baccellata a vernice nera, Capodarso, IV sec. a.C.


2 Lekane con coperchio, stile di Gnathia, fine IV sec. a.C
3 Lucerna bronzea, Enna IV sec.a.C.




Roman and Byzantine period
1st c. BC-6th c. AD

Pottery, epigraphs on stone, coins, glasses

Rossomanno (Enna), Enna

1 Glass ampullas, Enna, 1st c. AD
2 Dedicatory inscription by a priestess of Ceres, imperial period


1 Ampolline vitree, Enna, I sec. d. C.


2 Iscrizione dedicatoria di una sacerdotessa di Cerere, et imperiale


Middle Age and post-Middle Age
c. AD


Rossomanno-Conventazzo (Enna), Enna

1 Fragment of a big bowl Gela Ware style, Conventazzo, 14th c. AD
2 Bottom of a majolica plate, Conventazzo, 14th c. AD


1 Frammento di scodellone del tipo Gela Ware, Conventazzo, XIV sec. d.C:


2 Fondo di piatto maiolicato,Conventazzo, XIV sec. d.C.
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