Museum of Adrano, archaeology and history under the volcanoMuseum of Adrano, archaeology and history under the volcano


You can certainly say that from the Museum of Adrano passes throughout the history of this community, from its origins to the present day.

Born initially to collect the administrative documentation relating to the museum, in the end it conserves, by half a century now, the most varied and old material , often surprising, occupying several dozen faldoni

All this is due to the professor Saro Franco, who died in 2005, the year that marks the closure of this section of the archive.
Often using the help of enthusiastic employees, this passionate lover of the past of city he managed, in fact, over the years to acquire, from sensitive and generous donors, and meticulously preserve whatever could be of even minimal interest for the reconstruction of reality adranita.

The reorganization of the precious papers, by an official of the State of Catania, was carried out with historical and scientific method (and then trying to operate a reordering of documents without altering the conditions and criteria by which the archive has been formed). To enable easy access and functional to the public, is being implemented the establishment of a computerized list of all the material.

During the reorganization of operations has appeared appropriate to create specific sections. Thus the section of music (with many musical scores dating especially in the first half of the twentieth century), the section named after local writers (Cirino Rapisarda, Antonino Bulla) and that of " rare or valuable things", in which  are stored often documents important not as so for the commercial value in itself, as they are often personal, private, and therefore unique and unrepeatable.

For the rest, the collection consists of a large amount of archival material from which scholars, or fans , can draw an infinite number of news and follow in the micro-history of Adrano, coming at the head of the many contradictions, of congruences and inconsistencies of economic and social aspects, of attitudes of the political, of cultural trends or even facts simply occurred, but that have contributed, like the others, to form the history of the country. 

From folders, alongside a predominantly epistolary documentation - constituted of the normal correspondence with various government agencies or private citizens - there are, in fact, documents of all kinds: scholastic articles, manuscripts and documents over the history of Adrano, simple photocopies of documents held at other institutions, tickets with dedication,  handwritten poems, posters and advertising posters of various sizes,(often of political content), hundreds and hundreds of black and white photographs. 


Finally, the archive of the museum - alongside that of the City of Adrano, of the Archive of State of Catania (especially for the documentation on the individual municipalities in the province) and those that still are certainly kept in churches and convents Adrano - can make a significant contribution to the reconstruction of the life of the community Adrano of the twentieth century.

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